Daily meetings and groups are held at BAFS and around the community. Groups offered to program participants include Women’s, Men’s, Relapse Prevention, and a CBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Group. Treatment participants are also encouraged to get involved with community groups such as Fitness for Recovery and Celebrate Recovery.


We recognize the importance of stable housing in the process of recovery. Our housing programs are paired with mental, social, physical health, and substance use disorder recovery support services to aid in the recovery process. We believe revitalizing local structures into safe and supportive housing where recovery is possible can transform lives and neighborhoods.


There are many different pathways of Recovery. We will work with you to create a recovery plan that best suits your individual needs, stage of recovery, and lifestyle. Whether it be 12-Step Programs, Faith Based programs, Culturally Specific, etc. We are here to support you through your unique journey of recovery with peer support, system navigation support, and safe and supportive housing options.