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Training Update: 

Mental Health Peer Support Training-June 17th-June 21st

Our CRM and PSS Training is currently being revised. We will be updating the website once we have a training date scheduled. If you are looking for training right away you can visit the site listed below.

Certified Recovery Mentor-

Workforce Training

CADC Internships

Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) internships are designed for individuals interested in working with people who have substance use disorders. CADC training provides a comprehensive understanding of addiction and its impact on individuals and their families.

Certified Recovery Mentor (CRM) Training

Our Oregon Health Authority and MHACBO approved Certified Recovery Mentor (CRM) training is designed to provide the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective recovery mentor. Developed by peers for peers. This CRM training teaches peers how to provide instrumental services, emotional, informational, and affiliational support for people in recovery. 

Peer Support Specialist (PSS) Training

Our Oregon Health Authority approved Mental Health Peer Support Training is designed to provide the knowledge and skills needed by peers to help others who are experiencing mental health challenges. This 40 hour training program is developed for Peers by Peers, and covers topics such as suicide prevention, crisis intervention, community resources, self-care strategies, and the recovery process. 

Regional Facilitating Center

BAFS was chosen to be one of three regional Facilitating Centers that serve as “mentor sites”.

We provide ongoing technical assistance and training for other organizations. Our Facilitating Center was developed through funding provided by the Oregon Health Authority in partnership with Coos Health and Wellness.

PeerZone Training

Professional development opportunities for peer workers and other support workers with experience of mental distress or addiction. A series of workshops and resources to develop positive attitudes, inclusive behaviour and equitable policies.

Forensic – Recovery Mentor Training

Half day course for peers working with peers involved in the criminal justice system. This class addresses criminal history barriers to housing and employment, supporting clients in meeting mandates and conditions of parole/probation, and assisting in the process of making the transition into a lifestyle of prosocial behavior. Participants will learn ways Forensic Recovery Mentors can inspire clients by sharing their own lived-experience. Developed by Peers for Peers.

DHS – Recovery Mentor Training

The DHS Recovery Mentor Training is a half day course for Certified Recovery Mentors (CHMs) who work with parents with dependent children involved with child welfare. Developed by Peers for Peers, this training will provide an overview of the critical role of the recovery mentor and how to best support families in need.

Rural Poverty / Rural Homelessness  – Recovery Mentor Training

Half day course for Certified Recovery Mentor (CRMs) working in rural areas. Will explore best practices and special considerations for CRMs working areas of rural poverty and homelessness. Developed by Peers for Peers.